Meet the Commissioners

Madeleine Anderson, Secretary
Current Term: 2016 - 2021

Madeleine was first elected in November 1999 to a four year term, re-elected in November 2003 to a six year term, again in November 2009 to a six year term and to a six year term, again in November 2015.

Scott Hackleman, Chairman
Current Term: 2018 - 2022

Scott was first appointed in November 2007, elected in November 2009 to a two year term, and re-elected in November 2011 to a
six year term.

Arthur Reber
Current Term: 2016 - 2019

Point Roberts Water District Tip:

Know where the water shutoff valve is located in your home.
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From the Desk of Dan Bourks

District Manager

The 2016 Water Quality Report has been submitted to the State Department of Health. Hard copies of the report are available at the office and a copy is also displayed online here on our website. A new rule taking effect allows water districts to forego the hard copy mailing if they send copies by e-mail and have a dedicated webpage displaying the report. The District would like to obtain customer e-mail addresses so we can implement electronic emails of information to our customers, saving on the cost of printing hard copies and postage. This will save the District well over $3000 annually. To sign-up for email notifications, click here!

New leak adjustment policy.

The District adopted a leak adjustment policy with the passage of Resolution 622 in March of 2011. This stipulates the conditions, requirements, and maximum allowable adjustment to billing in such cases. The details of the policy can be seen by downloading the LEAK ADJUSTMENT POLICY.

We have received notification from the Washington State Department of Health that we are now in compliance with the Disinfection By-Products Standard (DBP).The water system is no longer showing maximum contaminant levels (MCL) of total trihalomethanes (TTHM) or haloacetic acids (HAA) that exceed DBP standards. This is mainly due to the filtration process done at the Capilano Reservoir. With the new treatment it is now possible our running annual averages will fall even lower. We will continue to take regular samples and monitor the levels to ensure compliance, but as long as we are in compliance there will not have to be public notification of those levels. In addition, since completion of the filtration plant turbidity levels have not exceeded the standard.

Approximately 6000 lineal feet of water main has been replaced including along Roosevelt Way between Province Road and Alberta Way, along Shady Glen Avenue between Austin Road and Johnson Road, along Bell's Grove between APA Road and Edwards Drive, and at the intersection of Georgia Way and Gulf Road. Details of the project can be seen by downloading the PDF document: Water Main Replacement Phase II.

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